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Call Carl Lewis for Studio Sessions

      I have recorded on award winning   projects, and done some very memorable work.  I can play:

Flute               Soprano Sax        Alto Sax          Tenor Sax       Baritone Sax  Clarinet          Singing           Voice Acting         Voice over      Flat Vocals      Background Vocals               Sound FX        Claps   Snaps  Drums     Aux Keys        Bass                 Horns              Horn Section        Film Scoring  

for your track, movie, short, or video.

       No project is to big or too small from feature films to commercials, and comedy skits, even industrial instructional videos.  As you can see in the videos I can include video of my session work, and even dance choreography.   

      Just contact me at for rates and scheduling. 

      Rates start at $125/hr with one hour minimum session. 

Saxes and solo                      Horn lines                      Saxes              

00:00 / 00:49
00:00 / 00:27
00:00 / 00:28
00:00 / 01:06

Spanish Voice over          Background Vocals           Character Vocals      

00:00 / 00:31
00:00 / 00:30
00:00 / 00:13

Bass, Keys, Drums, Voice over, editing , mixing, composing      

00:00 / 00:22
Choreography too
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